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the legal stuff

COOKHOUSE HERO - Food Education for All

... does not 100% endorse people, products, services, or information included in external links. Also, featured advocates have their own approaches and are offered as educational food for thought. Furthermore, content created for clients and training participants as well as this site in its entirety - including internal website content, monthly blog posts, external links, and featured advocates - are not intended as medical advice. Consult with a knowledgeable healthcare provider* - or find an integrative, functional, or lifestyle doctor - before starting a nutrition/diet program.

Services + Subscriptions

By participating in Cookhouse Hero services and/or joining the CH Blog monthly mailing list, you understand, accept, and agree with the disclaimer above.

Photos + Images

Licensing of photos and images on Cookhouse Hero - Food Education for All is through VistaPrint image library and StockUnlimited/123RF image library. A few additional images have been individually licensed, including the CH logo.

Metric + Nutrition Data

 On the Recipes + Resources page, metric conversions from the imperial system are approximate. Also, nutrition data was calculated with an online tool via Verywell Fit and not in a clinical laboratory. Thus, values may not be exact.

Currency Conversions

When converting US dollars into euros, the market rate on the day of writing was used. These numbers will vary.

Rabbit Hole + Link Buttons

On occasion, external buttons to various sources may change their URL, amend info due to new research data, or be deleted. These buttons will be checked for updates as needed. Thank you for your understanding.

* Because most healthcare providers don't learn about food science in medical schools, legal disclaimers are ironic. We're asking people to "consult with your doctor" knowing that this might be pointless. If possible, try to find an integrative, functional, or lifestyle physician. If that's not possible, please consider educating your current conventional-medicine healthcare provider. 

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