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Eat like your LIFE depends on it.


Super powers include eating whole plants, telling the truth fearlessly, and saving the world! Often found in low-waste kitchens, a natural habitat, seen cooking and eating whole plant foods (WPF) in great variety and abundance. Someone who embraces over a century of evidence-based clinical research, and knows that food plus fitness equals medicine. So... what's for supper tonight?

What's inside Cookhouse Hero?

Cookhouse Hero is a unique



it's designed like a magazine,

and then presented on a website!

7-Second Snapshot

Cookhouse Hero is a comprehensive, conversational, and curated resource for food, beverage, and food-systems education. CH feels like a fun guide book, creatively written and designed for people from ALL cultures, backgrounds, and generations.



From food science and farms to toilets and toast, check out the lively CH KidZone! Filled with 20+ awesome activities and fun food factoidz. For grown-ups and kids, ages 7​ to 12.


(cooking + teaching + writing)

Kick-start (or deepen) your food and fitness adventure! Cookhouse Hero offers services on: WPF, weight loss, nutrition 101, cooking, shopping, fitness, behavior change, action plans, educational content, and speaking.


(got a question?)

Ask Cookhouse Hero! Learn more via links to badass pioneers, advocates, writers, chefs, explorers, athletes, filmmakers, influencers, fashionistas, and YouTubers. And check out the topical and thought-provoking BLOG!

Cookhouse Hero Promise

achievable.  affordable.  adventurous. 

It physiologically takes a few months to nudge our body, brain, and taste buds from craving the death triad of overly fatty, salty, and sugary foods... towards eating more whole plants as Mother Nature and Father Time intended. One smart solution for creating a possible hospital-free life for HUMANS, a kind world for food ANIMALS, and stable and sustainable ECO-SYSTEMS for the planet is planted on our plates. That's a promise.

So... what's for supper tonight?

Apr 2024: Website Heads Up!

Vistaprint and Wix have merged. The out-of-alignment pages as well as colors and font issues are from these companies, not from Cookhouse Hero. When the site is transferred to Wix as the host, these issues will (hopefully) go away, and this could take months. Thank you kindly for your understanding.

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